Monday, September 21, 2009

Playground's A Battleground

I'm sorry to ruin the whole week for you just as it starts, but I guarantee this is the best thing you'll hear all week. Discovered by one of the Bell Biv Devoe guys, Atlanta's Another Bad Creation had a glorious outta-the-gates start with a couple of singles, an appearance on the Meteor Man soundtrack, and a New Edition cover. Not much after that, though. An sophomore slump, and an indie flop. Still, if all they gave to the world was Playground, well, they've done their part.

And check out that video! Pie in the face, and some old white fogey trying to keep the most junior members of the Rhythm Nation down. Quick question: does it really get cold enough in Atlanta to warrant those gigantic down-filled jackets these kids are sporting?

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