Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rock On London

Mar Sellars, the very owner of the ass above, just starts doing this podcast thing, doesn't even tell me, and just leaves it up to my own handy-dandy internet skills (uhh, self-googling?) to find that out? Jesus! Well, anyway, Mar Sellars, who by every teensy fibre of her human being is beloved, who formerly played with living legends of Vancouver The Ewoks (and you know, some other groups, too, like The Riff Randels), the very one who spent plenty of time twiddling knobs and sometimes interviewing them, too, with CBC Radio, is now living in London, England, and hosting the RockOnLondon podcast. Visit her, give her love, and if you're a BBC Radio (or even television) producer - why haven't you hired her yet?

P.S. Aussi, merci bien pour l'amour, blogotheque, et je suis désolé que mon français soit si terrible. Je blâme B.C. Salut!

1 comment:

Mar said...

i know...and i even played yr band! i was just shy at first. but now i'm going to tell people about it.