Friday, June 03, 2005

Weekend Mixed Bag

It's finally enjoyable to be outside in this god-damned city, so I don't have the patience necessary to sit around in front of a computer and type out a proper blog (next week, though), so here's a mixed-bag of mp3s for your weekend listening pleasure. BBQ something, designin' man Jay Delmarr is pushing the backalley BBQ as the hottest summer BBQ trend, hot on the heels of Orchid burgers.

House of Love - Salome.mp3

My girlfriend and I hit up a vernissage at the Skol Gallery earlier this week, and while waiting around for the French theorist to finish delivering his paper, we popped into Mars... I picked up a copy of the self-titled House of Love album for a decent price. I'd listened to the album over and over in Vancouver, but it was Duckworth's copy, so it was great to find a copy of it. This songs a particular favourite.

Sarah Vaughn - The Smiling Hour (Abre Alas).mp3

Last night I came upon some people preparing for a garage sale and managed to snag 15 or so great albums (including Dylan, CSNY, bizarrely a Mike Oldfield album, a tonne of Nina Simone, the Big Top Pee Wee soundtrack, etc.), and one of them was a 1979 Sarah Vaughn recorded called Copacabana that she had recorded in Brazil. The chorus is great! (Factory Records' Kalima did a cover of this that I'm trying to track down, too.)

Nina Simone - In The Morning.mp3

Nina Simone had a magnificent relationship to headwear (particulary wraps and turbans) that must be revived by young women today, and rescued from the gritty and grubby hippies. I found this LP last night, too. The song reminds me of Donovan's Colours. "That's the time, that's the time, I love the best!" wailed the dimunitive little Scot, and that's all good, but Christ, Nina Simone!

NEXT UP: Soft Machine, Etta James, maybe a return to the current decade?


Balogh said...

Wow, thanks for these ones. The Sarah Vaughn song in particular- not like anything else I've heard by her. Keep 'em comin.

darnnews said...

Silly Cannuck.


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