Thursday, June 23, 2005

Glass Candy: Life After Sundown

Glass Candy: Life After Sundown

This sort of thing has been to death, right? Chic-esque basslines with disco beats and what not, post-punk approach wed to dancefloor shuffles and all that. But being Glass Candy means doing it before a lot of people did it, continuing to do it, and doing it a hell of a lot better. There's something slightly late-70s Yoko Ono about Ida's vocals on this track, and the echo-boxed saxophone and synthesizer bits (fuck ethereal swoop, noodly leads!)... Anyways, I just got this track, and I'm deeply, deeply impressed with it...

I don't know much about the status of Glass Candy right now - a couple of years ago in Victoria I did a show for them and a couple of friends and I formed a band for the occasion, and I missed them the last time they made it to Montreal (their drum machine apparently broke halfway through that tour, putting them in a pretty perilous situation), but hopefully they'll be out this way again sometime soon.

Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre - Life After Sundown.mp3


jawn said...

saw them in NY about a month ago. very very good. theyre on tour somewhere still. heard the new chromatics?

20jazzfunkgreats said...
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20jazzfunkgreats said...

If anyone can fold em up small and stick em in an envolope marked brighton, uk that would be great.

And yes please, put the chromatics in too.

We never imagined Les Georges would get to us, but they did and played at 3am at a very sweaty house party with their amps on fire.

Dreams can come true, and Glass Candy will play Brighton one day.