Saturday, June 25, 2005

Warrior Magazine Launch Party

The loveable psychonauts at Warrior Magazine have another issue out, their fourth, and they're launching it tonight with a party in Montreal at the SKOL Gallery (located at #314 - 372 Ste. Catherine Ouest)... Christopher Taylor, who apparently busted his arm up last night on the Victoria ex-pats annual Tour De Beer (bikes and binge drinking, lovely combination) and spends some time plucking strings in AIDS Wolf has a piece in it, and I've even got a terrible interview with the tempermental, but immensely talented Cass McCombs and a brief paragraph about Oneida. It's free! For BC dwellers, the mag's only available at Zulu in Vancouver, though. That needs to be rectified, given the amount of ethneogenic explorer beardos that live in Strathcona, though.

Attendees are encouraged to bring 3 records which will be filed for later playing by resident DJ Mark Slutsky (who helped fill the dancefloor at last night's St. Jean Baptiste night shindig at the Mile End Cultural centre, along with Ghislain Poirer (sp?) and that Sixtoo character).

John Lennon - Remember.mp3 from Plastic Ono Band
The New Pornographers - Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
Here's a track for the Bejarians amongst the Goldkixx readers - from the just released New Pornographers album Twin Cinema, the Destroyer original Jackie, Dressed in Cobras primed up. Listening to this is the aural equivalent of watching an ex-girlfriend work the pole in a strip-club - you recognize that body, but geez, she looks gross and tarty. Get off the stage, Jackie!

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