Saturday, June 25, 2005


There's a rather brief piece on Vancouver's The Book of Lists (real website here) available on the Terminal City magazine website. The EP on Global Symphonic has just been released, I may post a song in the next little while if I can find the damn copy of it I lost a couple of months back. The Montreal Mirror's resident Anglophile, Lauren Carpenter gave it a positive nod in their most recent issue.

And to people who've been searching for Daddy's Hands info to no avail, I've heard a rumour to the effect that Global Symphobic is planning on releasing something by the now Vancouver-based group, and another label might be dropping a 7" at some point. I'll try to confirm that as soon as possible... (Anybody compiling a Dave Wanger box-set? I've got that Moral Decay tape!)

UPDATEAccording to Sean from Global, they aren't putting out anything by Daddy's Hands. Alas!


Anonymous said...

new album is: finished but not mastered. artwork will be done by the brilliant jeff ladoucer. they are shopping it i think. recorded with tolan. played with them a couple months ago and they were amazing. i'd buy that box set

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