Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perfect Love

Thanks for the photo, Chris!
Krisp Sunlight

I saw Xavier Dolan's most recent film, Les amours imaginaires with Chris last night, and it was really good - about twice as much as I'd expected. I'll write more about it and the sound design of the film later, but until then, I'm on a combination new house and early 80's R&B/funk kick. From 1982, this is Krisp with Sunlight on Indigo Records, a one-off featuring members of Aurra, Civil Attack and Rajac.

And lest you think that all Nigeria had to commit to the world of funk was Afrobeat and the brood of Fela Kuti, the second track is the opening cut on the second side from Al Diamond's 1983 album Call Me Up. Don't Steam Me Up seems to be the counterpart to the titular track's demand, where Mr. Diamond regrets her answering that call.

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