Monday, June 21, 2010



Woah, majorly fun weekend, starting with a Thursday evening meal with Richmond, Mike and Chris at Kazu. Hands-down the best Japanese food I've had in Montreal, which might seem like faint praise, but it was really astonishing. A lot of the items we wanted to try were sold out (like the Tuna Belly), but we still had some amazing pork back, the 48 hour pork dish, and a grilled fish head that at $10 was the total steal on the menu. Actually, the whole meal was incredibly cheap, including the Asahi beers that were essential to knock back in the hot & humid environment. The staff were personable, funny and energetic. There'll be people lined up outside for the rest of the summer, I bet. If you get a chance to eat there, sit at the bar. Mike liked it so much he went back for lunch a couple of days later.

Anyways, the rest of the weekend was great - amazing wedding, met some awesome people, danced a lot, hung out at the street sale, had some great salmon tartare and kirs at le Petit Italien on Bernard, got a purple Hugo Boss hooded sweatshirt, enjoyed the magic o' Montreal in the summer.

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