Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dépanneur Daycare

Mike Chui's a swell guy and a great photographer, but, outside of some extended Facebook wall posts of Youtube videos, the guy doesn't get out much on the internet. He hasn't updated his blog in almost 9 months, but if you go there, you can check out some of his photos and hear him wax poetic and nostalgic about Sperry Stripers. In his honour, I'm posting two versions, both bang-up, of The Style Council's My Ever Changing Moods, my favourite song from the group. Mike probably has other thoughts on the subject...

For my more entrepreneurial-minded readers out there with a surplus of chutzpah and a deficit of good ideas, might I suggest the Dépanneur Daycare? Quebec daycare is subsidized at $7 a day, so throw in 2 750ml cans of Molson Black Ice & a package of Peter Jackson's, for a daily rate of $20 and you can kill two birds with one stone: intoxicating the parents and educating the children.

Incidentally, it's that time of the month again. I'll be DJing classics and unfairly forgotten songs from the golden age of Bollywood tomorrow evening at Casa del Popolo for Thums Up! No cover, drink specials, and I'll project an early Amitabh movie or two.

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