Monday, December 06, 2004

This article on Pabst Blue Ribbon is over a year old, and all the kids in Montreal are drinking Labatt 50 now anyways (as a Gazette article pointed out a couple of months ago, with commentary on the phenomenon by local pin-maker and , Mike Long) but it's interesting nonetheless, in that slightly hung over, lying in bed reading random websites on your girlfriend's laptop kinda way... (I'm finding that Reverend Moon and his crowning as the King of Peace are piquing my interest right now as well.)

The single key text in Neal Stewart's codification of the meaning of P.B.R. is the book No Logo, by the journalist Naomi Klein. Published in 2000, No Logo is about the incursion of brands and marketing into every sphere of public life, the bullying and rapacious mind-set that this trend represents and evidence of a grass-roots backlash against it, especially among young people. Klein's view is that this would feed a new wave of activists who targeted corporations. Stewart's view is that the book contains ''many good marketing ideas.'' He says it ''really articulated the feelings, the coming feelings, of the consumer out there: eventually people are gonna get sick of all this stuff'' — all this marketing — ''and say enough is enough.''

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