Thursday, December 02, 2004

The author of the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog (which I highly recommend - it makes me mourn the lack of any intelligently written and somewhat witty pop/rock criticism on this side of the pond) has a pertinent message. In this case, the missive is directed at England's sizable population of art-school students, but it's applicable to Montreal's population, too. "[...]kids - just stop hanging round has been gay house djs with more coke than taste."

Over ten years ago, Ian Svenonius, fronting the Nation of Ulysses (who still have some serious outstanding intellectual copyright issues to take up with those Swedish chameleons, the International Noise Conspiracy*) warned the kids not to rat out their friends...

Anyway, it's term paper time, so I'm busy for the next little while and won't be able to plop up as many mp3s as I'd like, but upon my return to more regular blogging, I should be posting mp3s accompanied with more substantial chunks of writing. Oh joy. In the meantime, go ferret out the new LCD Soundsystem record.

* And what exactly is it about the world of Swedish pop and rock music (or perhaps just the stuff we get over here) that churns out these "version of" bands... Roxette was the Swedish Eurythmics, down to the trenchcoat their guitarist wore (Dave Stewart's, thanks) and the blonde buzzcut that belonged to Annie Lenox. The Sounds are only Blondie in image, their songwriting not quite up to snuff. The International Noise Conspiracy, fronted by ex-Refused vocalist Dennis Lyxxen, owe a massive debt to Ian Svenonius' The MakeUp, which only makes that little Nation of Ulysses as the template for Refused even more fucked up. Ace of Base was a Swedish version of a Swedish band, Abba, for Christ's sake! And the Cardigans' (who could pull of the Blondie schtick far slicker than The Sounds) latest album sounds like Fleetwood Mac!

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20jazzfunkgreats said...

Shucks, now i have to put a link in just so people can read that I write things that are intelligently written and somewhat witty (also, cos you post great stuff like tussel, datarock, Phoenix, it's all good) - gonna ring my mum and tell her about her witty son.
I think she will laugh, but not for the write reasons.