Thursday, December 02, 2004

HHH -Tex + Jazz Dancer!

With the departure of guitarist Dante Decarro for a small cabin further up Vancouver Island, Hot Hot Heat fans were both melancholic and confused. Internet messageboards filled up quickly with speculation as to who would replace the young Ian Svenonius look-a-like lovingly referred to as "Tex" by female friends. Speculation gesticulated wildly (metaphorically-speaking), like a down-on-her-luck stripper entering a K Hole... Would it be another young Victorian, plucked from the bush-leagues, or a former Instill bandmember? Perhaps a remnant of a Maoist? Or maybe a CanCon also-ran, like a member of better-left-forgotten Econoline Crush. Would anyone give Dan And of Lakeboat a chance, or had his admiration of the Byrds and CCR excluded him from consideration? Luke Paquin, formerly of a group that I've never heard of (and I bet you haven't either, extensive google-searching turns up only 3 performances!) called The Stradlers has been named as the El Pompadour's replacement.

Information is scant, however; we know that at 15, Luke was living in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was a treasured member of the Cara Feile Irish Dancers troupe. His biography, loaded with subtext... "Luke has been dancing since the 2nd grade taking classes like clogging, tap, Irish dancing, ballet, jazz, and modern. He is also on the swim team."

The album, with Dante noodling in-tact, is titled "Elevator" and will be released in April, with the first single being "You Owe Me an IOU". I expect there to be an announcement shortly to the effect that HHH's vegetarian meat-alternative food product "Not Not Meat" will soon be available on the market. (Oooh, what a pun.)

Running Out of Time
Island of the Honest Man
Dirty Mouth
You Owe Me an IOU
No Jokes - Fact
Goodnight, Goodnight
Middle of Nowhere
Pickin' It Up
Ladies and Gentlemen
Shame on You
Soldier in a Box
Jingle Jangle


Anonymous said...

Wow! What musical boundaries they are going to transcend...a Pleasure Forever cover?!

Anonymous said...

"not not meat" would be real meat.

Jay Watts III said...

I've never let something as foolish as "grammar" or "syntax" get in the way of a good joke. Or a bad joke, either!