Thursday, October 06, 2005

Festival Hangover.

I'm still recovering from Pop Montreal - just came down with a cold/flu the other day, a couple of days after popcaster Andrew Rose did, and at the same time as a bunch of other Pop team members.

I ended up in some strange places, at some strange shows, some of which I programmed (sweet, sweet poetic irony), but it worked out for the best - I saw some stuff that I wouldn't have, missed some stuff I didn't want to, and got way less sleep than I ever had in my life before. Yikes.

So, that's sort of a pre-amble to me telling you that you've got to wait for the wrap-up. It promises to be lengthy, though not entirely interesting, and unfortunately light on the accompanying photographs...


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Andrew Rose said...

Way to suggest I got you all sick! It was definitely Saturday night at the Academy Club that did me in.

I've got some photos.

And when did you switch to a white backdrop?

Kate said...

hmmm, if everyone else got sick, it's safe to assume that this nagging headache is actually me coming down with something, good to know.