Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The "Take My Picture" opening at the VAV Gallery last night was highly enjoyable, particularly the installation by Michael Doerksen and a manipulated children's book on an ornate golden pedestal (a piece by a student named Ivry).

I'm going to quickly accomodate myself with the apartment hunting process in Montreal. I'm curious as to whether or not there's some sort of patronage system here, similar to the one in Paris, where bureaucrats and highly-connected people are offered access to pristine 17th century apartments close to the centre of town and bitter spouses remain together for the sake of the apartment. Two friends of mine have recently split from each other, (opting not to stay together simply for the sake of the apartment, so I suppose that answers my question) and one of them is now planning to move with me to a new apartment. There are a couple of options - a beautiful 5 1/2 owned by a friend that rents for $490 but must be occupied immediately, moving in with him until his lease is up in July, or immediately looking for a place, perhaps subletting. Moving at this time of the year would be wretched (for him more than me), however.

I've just started reading a pamphlet I picked up in the VA department yesterday entitled "A Practical Description of The Munsell Color System With Suggestions For Its Use" (by T.M. Cleland)...

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