Monday, January 26, 2004

I moved from Vancouver to Montreal on Wednesday, January 7th. I live in the Plateau neighbourhood, along with the 40,000 other layabouts/hipster brats/invading gentrifiers. The cold hasn't affected me that much, as of yet - the bus system and the Metro have well-thought-out routes across the city - but I'm desperately looking forward to spring and summer.

The night life is, well, well, well beyond anything that Vancouver had to offer, simply in terms of the number of available spots (and quality of them, as well) in which to order drink specials, make a fool of yourself dancing to songs that aren't two years out of date (in other words, not the "highlights of the DFA compilation back-to-back with the latest Beyonce single" DJ-styling that me and my Vancouver friends have heard at Shine time and time again), and head to the bathroom every 15 minutes to split a keybump of significantly cheaper cocaine with your dancing partner in the $400 jeans and $10 Converse all-stars. If you're not into that, there are 'dive' bars (Miami, Copacabana, etc.), or the "Pre-11pm Depanneur Run" across the street without a jacket to grab enough alcohol to keep you satisfied enough not to want to head out on a Tuesday night.

Metro stations are a particularly quotidian highlight for me... I feel as if I've got to purchase a digital camera simply to shoot some of the stuff I've been seeing, absorbing and experiencing in the past two and a half weeks. I'll write more as I have the time, and once I can find my way around this place. Salut!

P.S. Wolf Parade are currently the best band in Canada.

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