Friday, March 02, 2012

Footprintz Fabric Promo Mix

In advance of their Saturday appearance at Fabric, I guess it's as decent a time as any to post this promo mix Footprintz did as well as one of their more recent tracks from Visionquest's FABRIC compilation (#61). The duo of Addy Weitzman and Maurice Knecht don't disappoint here with some great rarities and edits. (Yes, that is Annie Lennox singing on the 3rd track.) Take a look at the track list below, and please take special not of the ending song, it's from from another Montreal notable and swell-guy, SUITE - the project of one Patrick Andrew Boivin - and is one of my favourite songs of 2011.

  1. Til I Die - Beach Boys (Footprintz Remix)
  2. Touch Me - Suicide
  3. Darling Don't Leave Me - Robert Görl (Footprintz Edit)
  4. Thorns - Z-Factor
  5. Life With You - Expansives
  6. Lost Inside of You - Virgo Four
  7. U - Clarian
  8. Lies (Watch Your Lift) - LoSoul
  9. Let Your Body Talk - Ace & The Sandman
  10. Mysteries of The East - Jhalib
  11. It Shakes The Heart - Clarian
  12. The End of Love - Suite

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