Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's A Trap!

I was initially going to write about GoGoGo Airheart, one of those "the best band that no longer is" kind of posts and wax all nostalgic, but in short order, I got to thinking about the Pop Group and then, naturally, of course about Gang Gang Dance, a group who I always associated with the Pop Group and who I had lost track of, so I grabbed their most recent album Saint Dymphna (2008) and... And woah! I remember them being great on God's Money, but the track above is spectacular. And then I found out that guitarist Ben White of GoGoGo Airheart is now in Softboiled Eggies, and I started thinking about Y Records, so, yeah, Shriekback and 23 Skidoo popped up and Soul Jazz signees post-dance, rock kosmichists Subway. Eventually I realized I'd just put up all these songs and leave it up to some young Alejandro Jodorowsky out there to make a movie and license these songs for the soundtrack. A little too much caffeine during this season's first snow-storm and it's like first year art school.

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