Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dancefloor Workouts & Disco Drops

Montreal's current nightlife might not be as disco-centric as it once was, way back in the glory days when jewelry was both functional and fashionable, a hockey player could record a best-selling disco record, and the nights were long. But it is probably the best time in recent memory to go out and catch some stellar, hard-working DJs play disco, house, early 80's R&B and all the rest. The latest addition to the glittering disco-friendly landscape is the Paradise Garage night, named after the infamous New York disco and built by an impressive cast of Montreal DJs and promoters, including Seb Diamond & Phil AD, F.U.N.K. (from Love! Disco Style, Saturdays at Vinyl), Classi Assi, Rilly Guilty, New Money, Snap magazine and Peer Pressure's A-Rock.

Paradise Garage is every Friday, at Decibel (formerly Coda). 4119 St. Laurent.

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