Wednesday, June 01, 2005

its back!

Futura 2000 the graffiti icon, is making music? (thanks to!)

- - - - - - - -

and some more mp3s.....for the summertime!

The track to smoke weed to.

capleton-sunshine girl
the track to BBQ to.

pookey blow- go to school
the track to street dance to.

(coming soon: mp3s from my "dont listen to while stoned" mix!)


Mark Slutsky said...

gabba biter!!

Jay Watts III said...

Geez, Slutsky, isn't it a bit tasteless to pick on Mel right after her return to the blog-o-spheah?

MEL said...

yeah geez "mark slutsky" I am totally aware I bite gabba. where else would I find futura 2000?

Anonymous said...

Futura 2000 rapped on a couple of singles for the Celluloid label in the early 80s, which were collaborations with The Clash.

Mark Slutsky said...

all in good fun "mel"!!

MEL said...

thanks "slutsky"
nice last name? me?

Mark Slutsky said...

kinda, yeah!! actually the town of slutsk is in belarus! but it's one of those places that's been alternately polish, russian, and belarussian, depending on what day it is!