Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fight Club, Version 872348.

Here's a funny bit for you guys:

Hooligans jailed over fight plot.

Seventeen football hooligans have been jailed for having arranged to meet up
for a fight at a London rail station. All were issued banning orders and
jailed for a total of 38 years for plotting to commit violent disorder.

The charges relate to a fight in April 2002 at London's Maze Hill Station
between Charlton and Southampton fans, which left three men in hospital.

British Transport Police believed the men would have caused
trouble at Euro 2004 if they had not been banned.

At Kingston Crown Court, Surrey, on Friday, Judge Fergus Mitchell jailed
Steven David Carpenter, 39, of Eltham, for four years and 37-year-old Dave
Walker of Stafford, a history teacher said to have an "exemplary record",
for two years and three months.

Andrew McConville, 35, of Abbey Wood, William Joseph Greenall, 32, of
Plumstead, Woolwich, Neil John Shaw, 39, of Erith, Christopher David Bowles,
22, of Southampton and Stephen Trevor Openshaw, 30, of Leigh,
Lancashire, were all jailed for two years.

Walker, a married father, was considered an "outstanding teacher" and
is said to have received glowing tributes from pupils and staff at the
Birmingham boys' school where he teaches.

Another ten men had already been given jail terms and both
groups have received six-year banning orders.

Police discovered, after searching houses and seizing computers
and mobile phones, that the fight between the two groups had been deliberately planned.

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